Is it only me or is anyone else a little bit confused by the latest Pampers Preemie Protection nappies that have just been launched?

My son wore them five years ago, and although I don’t wish to p*ss on their parade, I am wondering why today Pampers claim to have made their smallest ever nappy. Ian Morley, commercial director at P&G, claimed that “when nurses asked us to design a nappy for the most vulnerable babies, we rose to the challenge.” Are you sure the nurses didn’t say “please can you start making those tiny nappies again”?

Has Pampers just stopped producing a nappy, leaving thousands of premature babies in puddles, only to relaunch it again with an all singing, all dancing marketing campaign?

I have remained brand loyal to Pampers after both my children wore their micro nappies in special care. But they should have been a bit clearer about it and just said right from the beginning that the nappies were coming back, not trying to pretend that this was something new.

Pull yourself together Pampers, be clean and clear, don’t soil your reputation….(I could go on).

Never one to want to spread false information. The new nappies from Pampers are even smaller than the previous premature baby nappies. So it seems, these new nappies are smaller than the small ones our babies wore, which is handy because most still came up to babies armpits. Here is a picture to make it clearer….