Premature Evacuation

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About me photoHello and welcome to premature evacuation

I am Liz and I decided to start writing this blog after both my babies needed to be evacuated from my womb prematurely.

My son was born at 27 weeks in 2011. When we made it home, after months in hospital, I struggled to strike up friendships with other new mothers and their ‘termies’.

In the summer of 2014, I did it all again. My daughter was born early, this time at 30 weeks. Slightly less dazed and better prepared, I realised that the other mothers I had met were feeling many of the same emotions.

I wont pretend I know how EVERY premature mother or father is feeling. However, by writing about my experiences and providing information, I hope that I can help some parents who find themselves locked inside the secret world of the neonatal unit. Welcome to the ‘premie-hood’.

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